Here are some people with strange names. Believe me they are real names:

OK try this game out... it's just like MADLIBS (remember that game??)

Room in a House:
Piece of Furniture:
Room in a House:
Piece of Furniture:
A Liquid:

OK... this list is not to gross you out of existence. It just shows the ingenuitty and/or desperation of people after toking down on some excellent doobage:


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Anyone interested in body preservation should read this...


  1. Arrange to have your remains placed on a steep south-facing hillside during winter in the high arctic tundra.
  2. See that said remains are protected from predators until frozen solid.
  3. Wait.

Or you could go for freeze-drying... I'll just stick to burial or cremation.

Eat a lot of beans and read this...

There once was a man who lived in France around the turn of the century called Le Petomaine, which in English means The Fartiste. That's right boys and girls.

He found out at a young age that he could suck 2 liters of water into his rectum through a rubber tube. Soon he perfected sound and intensities of his flatulations. He went on the vaudeville circuit and made a fortune. Some of his sounds included: playing a short tune, the sound of a woman the night before her honeymoon (near silent), the sound of the same woman the next day (loud and raucous), and more. At the end of his life he became a baker and never performed his act again.

I wonder if he entertained the public in other ways... (nudge nudge, wink wink...)

I'm going to warn you to not have eaten anything before you read this fact

Now you know people all around the world will eat just about anything, but I think this takes the cake (no food pun intended). There aare reports of people who eat... placentas. Chowing down on placenta doesn't happen that often, but it does, which makes one wonder what else these people are doing in theier spare time. This much is known:

I don't think any of these great food idea will go over well at any dinner party.

Let's see if any of the male homo sapiens out there
would attempt these acts

Now don't get me wrong.
These fellas could've been minding their own business,
just cleaning away, and tripped...
yeah, right!
I'm sure the M.D.'s were outside of the patient's rooms
laughing their asses off.

(Some of the info from The Straight Dope book series and website, authored by Cecil Adams)

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