Car alarms are for materialistic, conceited people, and they're responsible for most of the carjacking that's going on. Car alarms and the Club have made it harder for thieves to steal parked cars, and so instead they're stealing cars with people in them, and people are dying. And it's all because these selfish degenerates can't stand to part with their personal property. Fuck these people, and fuck their car alarms!

OK... if you are downtown at 1:30 in the morning on a Tuesday, there is absolutely no traffic on the roads, you're car is parked right across the street from you, and you are in the middle of the block, do you jaywalk? I do, and if a cop gives me a ticket, I don't pay it... don't even show up for court, because that is a complete waste of time for me, and it just proves that the cop is bored and has no life.

Bill Clinton has proven that he thnks most often with his little head. It doesn't bother me that he alledgedly had affairs. It bothers me that he's trying to lie about them.

Spewing off about a certain evil man named Bill...

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince... please get a life. He was trying to shorten his name when he changed it from Prince to an unpronounceable symbol. It didn't work because his name is much longer than it was before.

OK... when you start piercing your brain I think you're going a bit too far.

War... another touchy subject among people. I'm not going to rant about the killing... people around the world kill each other every day without being in a war. I'm talking about the "rules" of war. This to me is a joke. No one gives a serial killer rules on who, when, where, why and how to kill... why should we give a "civilized" uniformed soldier rules? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Things that don't make sense:
1) A woman who doesn't like her lover to perform cunnilingus.
2) Parking tickets given to students at their own school.
3) Arranging "happy hour" between 4PM and 7PM during weekdays.
4) Extraordinarily healthy people who suddenly drop dead.
5) People who pour drugs, alcohol and unhealthy foods in their bodies, who never exercise, and live to be 103 years old.
6) People with 50 facial piercings and numerous neck tatoos who apply for an executive vice-president's job.
7) Someone who admittedly butchers 4-5 people and then gets off on a technicality.
8) Hypocrites.
9) Why maijuana is illegal in the U.S.
10) Why sex is considered "filthy" but violence is "OK" for television.
11) Cops who have nothing better to do than bang on your door at 3 o'clock in the morning to serve traffic warrants.

A few years ago in Los Angeles, a robber threatened a store owner with a syringe that he claimed had HIV on it, saying, "Give me the money or I'll give you AIDS." Wanna know what I would've told him? "If you give me AIDS I'm gonna find your wife and daughter and fuck them."