Let's get sappy...

With and Without
Friends Can Be Pains
Crap About Peas and Porridge
Who Needs Words?
Sex on the Wing of a Plane
Roadways to a Soul
Go to HELL
Cole's Law
Random Thoughts
My Life in Music


Some things are true.
How impossibilities
And improbabilities exist.
What life is like with and without.
A line drawn in the sand That you cannot cross But if you do you're in a world of hurt.

The game of love
Played every day, hour and minute.
Someone you want to kiss and hold
Touching velvet and dew...
Clouds of lips
And smells of sweet musk on the tongue...
A taste and electric tingle of skin...
An aching in the center
Of mind, chest and loins...
Heat which makes the ears sear
And sight askewed.
Sounds of a voice ethereal
Which crawls up the spine
And rattles the mind
But comes from nowhere...
Not to touch, though...
Or say what you feel.
The feeling should stay forever
But the pain of the heart
Holding that in it's palm
Is too much to carry.
Crossing the line and
Walking on the edge of a razor
Which cuts through
But the fall either way is endless...

Gold in the hills.
Needing the shine to live...
Not to starve or be without shelter.
Next to travel,
To see the world as you want it.
Not a smell or taste physical
But the mind will stay hungry for it.
A masion on the hill... 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 cars and a loving wife,
A white picket fence... a dream.
Too much gold shine
And selective memory loss hits
Makes you lose the good times and now
You want more of the shine...
The empty feelings will grow
For misery will definitely
Love your company.

The existence you hate passionately...
The entity is there
And death is your wish,
Or a remembered pain and deep scar
Inflicted by you without remorse.
Disarm and discontent...
A pain between the ears
And a sudden want not to breathe overwhelms.
Get rid of it, the entity,
Sudden gratification lifts a weight
Yet briefly after a new one exists
Much heavier and painful...
The feeling returns tenfold.


I hate this stupid
Thing that's happening
Between me and you
And that's this dumb
Emotional wall you are
Right in front of me
Brick by brick
The mortar hardening
Quickly to the point
That I'm gonna get
My 20-pound sledge hammer
And knock it down
Brick by brick
And cruch each brick
Into dust
And pound the mortar
Into oblivion
Until I can't lift
The fucking hammer
Because this is NOT
Supposed to happen
Between two good friends


Peas porrige hot
Peas porrige cold
Peas... ahh, who gives a shit?
Who would eat peas and porrige together?
Peas are not a breakfast food...
You eat them
With mashed mashed potatoes.
And porrige...
To me it's oatmeal!
You put sugar, milk, butter and cinnamon
Together with it
In a bowl.
Let's give it another try:
(To the tune of "Beans and Cornbread")
Peas and oatmeal (duh dah-dah)
Peas and oatmeal (duh dah-dah)
... See how many kids that scares!


We need them to communicate
But sometimes I hate them...
Words can be destroyers of things
That are sacred...

Don't let words collapse
The foundations...
Words of others
That distort and twist the truth
From our eyes
And keep us from a path we want to walk...

Sometimes I don't need words
To express myself -
How I feel is sometimes defeated
By words...
I'd rather let you see and hear it
Through my eyes...
My smiles...
A touch or a hug...
A kiss...
Or the times that I hold you
In silence
Feeling the warmth and energy
We exchange...


It's cold
really high off the ground

But when I'm inside of you
That doesn't matter.

When I'm in your
warm, wet, slick, pink
I forget everything.


My road untravelled
Paved with lines of communication
A belief that has a soul
And walks along it.
Tell me of the light in its eyes
The glow of a billion suns.
Try another time to see it
If you are blinded.

I reach for hands that cannot touch...
A physical part that never existed
A pull on my heart.

I can see...

A million miles
And nothing...
Too drunk to hear the other voices. Too drunk with insight into your mind...


Why are you still here?
I wanted you out
years ago
But you're still here
even hundereds of miles away.
No matter how much I
Cut stab
Scrape beat
Pierce tattoo
Smoke or drink you away
You're still here...


Thinly sliced cabbage
With dressing.

RANDOM THOUGHTS (by Andrew Jones)

Blind faith.
Thinking too much
Can be dangerous.
The toughts just POP!
Into your head and
You try to drown them.
Drown them with whatever...
Writing drinking smoking
Running swimming fucking...

I just let mine flow.
Writing drinking smoking
Running swimming and fucking
Are hobbies...

Think think think
Random thoughts and
Random words.
Sometimes nothing.


I'm ten feet tall and bulletproof
Filled with a whole lotta love
Trying to build a possum kingdom
For my friends.

I love rainy day women #12 and #35
And girls on film.

Would you breathe in the air with me
And relax a little?
Don't jump into the fire
'Cause it's time for a cool change.

I like snortin' whiskey, drinking cocaine
Hanging with people witha rock and roll heart,
And going to Hotel California
To see my L.A. woman.

I'd love to change the world
But don't want to be an old man
When it happens.

If tomorrow never comes
I want to be alive
Yesterday and take a flight
Above the trees and take it all in...
And when I touch ground
In the fields of joy
I'll smile a Sara smile.


Twist my mind
Feel the vibrations of a deserted field
Which encompass me
And twist thoughts of joy into despair...
I've never achieved happiness
Through life...
If I died
Where would I go?
Into another world
Where pain is foreign...
An alien...

But life can be good
I can make a road for the light
To feel alive...
Do you know you're
Truly alive?
I'm opening my eyes...
And I see too much