Big Mac's FINAL home run count: 70!!

Can you believe this?!? Look... I am not a big baseball fan, but I have always known about 2 important number in baseball: Babe Ruth hit 60 homers in a season, Roger Maris hit 61. Babe hit his 60 in 1927, and 34 years later Roger Maris hit one more than that. That should tell you how hard it is to hit home runs... it's a small ball you're trying to hit with a skinny round wooden bat.

But here's this big nice guy just belting them out of the ballparks across the nation. Mark McGwire hit 62 home runs... his 62nd came 9/8/98 only 145 games into a 162 game season... he may hit more.

Roger Maris had an asterisk next to his name for a long time because he hit 61 homers in 162 games. Babe Ruth hit 60 in 154 games. Mark McGwire will never have that little asterisk. WOW... if I ever need a hitting coach I will give Mark a call.

Slammin' Sammy's FINAL home run count: 66!!

Then there's Sammy Sosa, who just hit number 62 on 9/13/98. It's amazing that TWO guys can hit 50 homers in a season, but for two to break the record is totally unbelieveable!! I truly am a Cubs fan when I watch baseball, and I like Sammy Sosa... very great person indeed. Since the Cubs have made it to the playoffs, I think even thought Bic Mac totally demolished the HR record, Sammy Sosa shoudl be the NL MVP.

This could not happen to two nicer guys...


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