Now some of us can remember when we were kids right?? And we believed in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the Tooth fairy... well I think that there should be some other types of fairies in existence and I made a list:

  1. Spontaneous orgasms Fairy
  2. Free long distance Fairy
  3. Anti-discrimination Fairy
  4. Good weather Fairy
  5. Bazooka the hell out of poor drivers Fairy
  6. Beer Fairy
  7. Hair (for balding people) Fairy
  8. Breast size Fairy
  9. Clean laundry Fairy
  10. Money Fairy
  11. Blowjob Fairy
  12. "Fuck you" Fairy (includes other variations)
  13. No more war Fairy
  14. Cunnilingus Fairy
  15. Dairy Fairy
  16. Cigarette Fairy
  17. Move that motherfucker way across the world Fairy
  18. Never-ending sex Fairy (for frigid people only)
  19. Liquor Fairy
  20. Free internet service Fairy
  21. Non-stop buzz Fairy
  22. Constant LOVE Fairy
  23. "Kill Mr. Car Man" Fairy (Roanoke Virginia people will understand)
  24. Disease-curing Fairy
  25. No smelly shit Fairy
  26. Anti-pollution Fairy
  27. Help a dumb guy find the clitoris Fairy
  28. Destroy heroin and crack Fairy
  29. Instant tan Fairy (excludes residents of the Carribean and Polynesian islands)
  30. Smack a bible-thumper over the head with a wooden cross Fairy
  31. Presidential impeachment Fairy (U.S. residents only)
  32. Anti-deadbeat dad Fairy
  33. Unlimited toilet paper Fairy
  34. No income tax Fairy
  35. Immortality Fairy
  36. Baby name Fairy
  37. Multiple orgasm Fairy
  38. Pooky-poo Fairy
  39. Stop those damn hiccups Fairy
  40. Asshole-indicating Fairy
  41. Sneeze when you want to Fairy
  42. Add 40 more IQ points Fairy
  43. Blah blah yadda yadda Fairy
  44. Pizza every night Fairy
  45. No more Fix-A-Flat Fairy
  46. Run around the street Fairy
  47. Redneck Fairy
  48. All night party-hardy Fairy
  49. Heavy metal Fairy
  50. Resurrection Fairy
  51. Shit happens Fairy
  52. Perfect coffee Fairy
  53. Automatic dishwasher Fairy
  54. Rent-free Fairy
  55. Paid utilities Fairy
  56. Ice lasts forever Fairy
  57. No more re-runs Fairy
  58. Make the cop at my door go away Fairy
  59. 24-hour Jerry Springer (no re-runs of course) channel Fairy
  60. Soda pop Fairy
  61. Hard-on Fairy (for impotent and extremely drunk men only)
  62. Make your dog behave Fairy
  63. Anti-constipation Fairy
  64. Lobotomy Fairy
  65. Facelift Fairy
  66. Non-dingleberry Fairy (take that any way you want to)
  67. Make someone forget everything Fairy
  68. Anti-ass itching Fairy
  69. Spend eternity in Limbo Fairy
  70. Shit's gonna hit the fan Fairy
  71. Chocolate Fairy
  72. Perfect tomato plants Fairy
  73. Creamy thighs Fairy
  74. Keep 'em tongue-tied Fairy
If you have any suggestions please send them my way.