The way Bill Gates really is...

Bill Gates... I think I've just about had it with him. I've got to thank the man for laying the foundation of this technology we're using. But I think the more money he's made the further he gets from reality and the bigger his head gets. A man worth $40 billion should not have to whine and bitch about paying a $500,000 property tax on his billion-dollar mansion he built with money out of his own pocket. Hell, most of us are very lucky to even see one tenth of that heavy burden of a property tax of his (please note the sarcasm). Now... well he must think he has a set of balls made out of titanium alloy... now he's suing the government so he won't hav to pay the tax. Bill... c'mon man... that's pocket change for you!! Get with the program. Two things in life you cannot avoid: death and taxes. everybody pays taxes and when they don't they get put in the slammer. Bill should not place himself on a pedestal and consider himself above the law and everyone else just because he is worth $40 billion. This should not be ignored, so if you happen to read this Bill Gates take heed... relax and just pay the fucking tax. And climb off that pedestal, take the corncob out of your ass and try to remember that you came from nothing and can easily lose all that $40 bilion too.

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