Now I like pets of all sorts, and when I heard that you could adopt a pet over the internet... well I had to be a kid and ask Mommy and Daddy for one *L* so here they are:

Billy Joe

Meet Billy Joe, my Rottweiler. He is a great dog... very friendly unless you screw with any of us... then he'll rip your lungs out Jim.

adopt-a-ditz!  This is Twink.

This is my very own ditz Twink. She doesn't know much except going to the mall and having a different boyfriend every week, but I still call her my baby.

Nippy Whiny Licky Baby Snuggly

Here are my pet rocks. (from L to R) Nippy, Whiny, Licky, Baby and Snuggly. Go ahead and pet the one you want... some nibble, some don't.

Gooovy Khooul

This is Gooovy Khooul my slick lil' alien... look how he dances around...


Meet Joey the Bagel... he looks tasty but don't eat him or anything...


This is my happy cat Chuckie... my kitty is too cool for words :o)


"MOOOOOO!!!" Meet my cow Bubbie... I needed milk so I got Bubbie.


Reggie the egg. He likes to go BOINGY BOINGY BOINGY!!!


This is my Skunk Lily... no smell to Lily but she is a sweetie.


How do you like Pokey?? He is a bit slow but he loves everybody the same.


Here's Crustie the lobster. When he's in a good mood you can pet him.