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What do I mean by NATIONWIDE?
Well... the word does not mean all across the nation...
It means more than cool.
Think of the great song by ZZ Top of off the Deguello LP.
Anything nationwide is most likely the greatest,
the weirdest, the funniest... just ultra-cool.

Groovy Sunset

The term nationwide (meaning COOL) has an unknown origin,
But I myself can remeber when it was first used as an expression
outside of the ZZ Top song "I'm Bad I'm Nationwide"...
The late great Robert Grizzard from Chester, Virginia used it constantly,
and I enjoyed the usage so much, I had to create a site that would
contain things being nationwide.


The creator is named Jehovah...

Okay, okay... his name is Allah...

Anymore name dropping of the Almighty?
How about these...
The All-Being, master of time and space
The Great Gonzo
Dog (to dyslexics)
The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (to appease Jerry Fallwell)
Hoovooloo, the super-intelligent shade of blue (to all E.T.'s)
The Super Conciousness (all Jung readers know this)
The Wandering DNA Molecule
The Sun
My psycho neighbor Sam (HE thinks so)
Isadora Duncan

There are probably more.
Alright. Jokes aside...
I (the site creator) live in lovely southwest Virginia in town called
Troutville. Yes, you saw that right. Troutville.
I have no idea how it got that name.

I'm not very tall (5'7"), and not very heavy(155 lbs.). I do try to keep in shape
but sometimes you just can't get to working out as often as you can.
I do sometimes feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof, but only under special circumstances (like many shots of tequila).

Oh and for those who really wanna know or get into it, I am an Aquarius sun sign... Aquarius rising sign too with a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp moon sign.

Want to see my picture??


... and here's a few more:

ME holding an authentic US Civil War cannonball
ME evilly playing with JoJo the cat (off picture)
ME 4-year old pic from Olan Mills studio
ME just standing around looking goofy
ME partying hard one night

I am 27 years old (born 01/24/71),
and also wear casual clothes.
I'll wear a tuxedo, but only if I'm going to play James Bond 007.


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Other Things I Like
Stuff That Sucks

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